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J.S. in Georgia – December 2014
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the upgrade. Before, the DAC was good, but now it is spectacular. My only problem is finding the time to listen to my CD collection thru my new system. Thanks again.

E.K. in Florida – July 2014
Just dropping a note to let you guys know that we are loving this amp…it amazes us every day! Frickin amazing!!

B.A. in Indiana – May 2014
You have really hit on something with both the sonic and cosmetic upgrades you are offering. Well worth the price of admission for the outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks for the quick turnaround time

M.G. in California – January 2014
This new amp is nothing short of amazing.
I plugged it in this morning to give it a quick listen… and I was immediately captivated. I swear I could hear new features of my ‘same old music’.