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(email received 4-10-2015)
“Steve, I received the amplifier back today and it arrived in perfect condition. It is in my system now and I am listening to an Eagles CD that I am very familiar with. I am pleasantly surprised that it sounds this good. I was also surprised to see the outward changes you made on the detail of the amp itself. You both are perfectionists; it shows. Thank you for taking on the project. I am grateful to have the amplifier.”

(email received 4-3-2015)
“I’m listening to a record of Mahler’s 5th, and what really impresses me about the amp is how it is able to be in absolute control of subtle, delicate sounds (treble bells, violin strings, low-volume cello) and then take control of full orchestral pounding, each without any strain. Nothing about the amp is fatiguing and it produces the silky kind of sound I look for from a solid-state amp. It’s the kind of solid-state amp that can be compared to a good tube amp and have the smoothness of tubes but the authority of solid state. Again, great job!”

(email received 3-31-2015)
I’m going to try to give you impressions of my newly upgraded DNA-1.
So, the first word that comes to mind with the new SMc Audio amp is “authority.” The amp seems to be in complete control of whatever comes its way, whether slam-bam bass or the most delicate treble. One comparison I can make is with the CJ MV-55, which strangely enough had treble glare compared to your amp, and was far more tiring. So much for tubes being softer and more liquid.

Another word that comes to mind with this new amp is “air.” I think it has far more air than the Deluxe DNA-1. The soundstage goes very deep and extends beyond the speakers, which it did not do with the CJ, nor with the earlier incarnation DNA-1 and the Apogees. But that might be an effect of the new speakers.

Basically this sounds like the really expensive amps I’d hear at shows. I was always impressed with the high-end Mark Levinson amps because of their silky sound yet total control and depth. Your amp has the same qualities. The sound is absolutely smooth without a bit of glare and has plenty of power. Is it still 185 watts per channel?
So obviously I’m very happy with the amp. It’s a wonderful amp. Thanks for the upgrade. It was well worth it.”

(email received December 2014)
“Listened last night for 40 min. and this morning for 90 min. It would be easier to share my experience over the phone but in a nut shell it was amazing. The music was outstanding. What I heard I should be able to live with the rest of my life. Just simply an incredible achievement.”

– email received November 2014
“As you already know I am so happy with the changes. I never expected it to be this good.
I hear vocals on several recordings even on a CD that I have not heard before and the sense of realism is impressive and not heard before on any system.”

J.S. in Georgia – December 2014
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the upgrade. Before, the DAC was good, but now it is spectacular. My only problem is finding the time to listen to my CD collection thru my new system. Thanks again.

E.K. in Florida – July 2014
Just dropping a note to let you guys know that we are loving this amp…it amazes us every day! Frickin amazing!!

B.A. in Indiana – May 2014
You have really hit on something with both the sonic and cosmetic upgrades you are offering. Well worth the price of admission for the outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks for the quick turnaround time

M.G. in California – January 2014
This new amp is nothing short of amazing.
I plugged it in this morning to give it a quick listen… and I was immediately captivated. I swear I could hear new features of my ‘same old music’.